How To Build Your Wedding Dream Team

As you are looking and booking vendors consider this: you are creating a wedding team. These are not just separate entities you are bringing together for a single day, these are people who are going to be working side by side. Some may come and go quickly but they are overlapping and communicating with your other vendors one way or another.

As a wedding coordinator, this is extremely important to me because my role is the main point person. But I am NOT the boss, the bride is the boss. With that said, I need to be a team player as much as any other vendor. I don’t need a DJ in the middle of the wedding telling me it’s time to cut the cake when the photographer has them at some mysterious location. We all need to be on the same page, listening and respecting one another roles.

Here are a few hints to help you make sure you have a cohesive team that works well together to ensure your day goes smoothly.

Ask for referrals from your main vendors

That means your venue, wedding coordinator, and photographer. These vendors are well connected and have lists of people that they enjoy working with. But don’t stop there, ask them why they are referring them. How many times have they worked with this vendor? If you’re unsure about the vendors they are referring to, move to the next tip.

Read wedding reviews

And don’t just read reviews from clients. Look for reviews from other vendors. Was this person easy to work with? Reliable? Friendly? Having reviews from other couples is great but when a vendor reviews another vendor, they are creating a partnership that says “You were great to work with, let’s do it again!”

Make introductions

When creating a cohesive team start the communication EARLY. As a wedding coordinator, I often do this alongside my clients in order for vendors to begin to build that professional relationship and rapport. This is super helpful for when things get a bit bumpy along the planning process, especially the closer the date approaches. As the wedding coordinator, I do not have to be the sole problem solver. In fact, when solving a problem, a team approach is always best. Make sure they get to talking early on!

Hire a wedding coordinator

Every team needs a leader. If there isn’t one formerly established, someone will have to step up to the plate and sometimes at the last minute. This could be anyone from the photographer to your mother in-law, and I am sure of this: most don’t want that role on top of their other responsibilities. As a wedding coordinator, I ensure that all vendors are on the same page, communicating well, and accomplishing what they set out to do.

I hope that these tips help you create a cohesive wedding team for your big day! If you haven’t hire a team leader for your wedding, check out my Prices and Packages, and let’s start building a wedding dream team!

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