What You Really Need From Your Wedding Photographer

As a wedding coordinator, I want the best for my clients from flowers to food but one of the most important vendors that you must consider carefully is your wedding photographer. I feel strongly that your photography goes beyond taking just mere pictures, they need to ultimately be a storyteller.

Wedding photography must move past just capturing smiles and family photos, they need to tell the story of your day.

Here’s why.

I once had a bride tell me that it wasn’t until she got her photos from the wedding photographer that she could actually SEE her wedding day. Even with a trusted wedding coordinator by her side (me, of course, hehe), the day was still a blur for her. For most, it is because so much is happening: Families coming together, photos, friends, a strict timeline to follow, hair, makeup, music, vows, not to mention ALL THE FEELINGS and emotions that accompany such a day. No wonder it’s a blur for many couples!

So when you are looking at hiring a wedding photographer, you are really looking for someone who can tell the story of your wedding for you to read over and over, year after year.

A good wedding photography takes all the necessary pictures.

A great one tells a story.

Here are a few of my favorite storytellers whom I have personally worked with.

Shelby Brakken

Wedding Coordinator
Weddings with Colette
Wedding Photographer
Weddings with Colette

Meredith Amadee

Based out of Arizona but she travels!

Wedding Coordinator
Weddings with Colette
Wedding Photographer
Wedding Coordinator
Weddings with Colette

Yola Owens

A storyteller-photographer captures the moments, the people, decor, laughs and tears. They display the timeline of your wedding from the very beginning to the end. More than hair and makeup to last goodbye, they capture those in between moments that reveal the most of precious times to remember: The looking back, the pauses, and last minutes.

Don’t make a quick decision about this or try to go the cheapest route. Take the time to look over each photographers portfolio and decide what is most important to you. You’ll want to read the story of your wedding day again. Make sure it’s one worth reading.

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