Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Unlike a baker or photography who have physical products that represent their contribution to a wedding, a Wedding Coordinator has only themselves to offer. The contribution a Wedding Coordinator brings is more often intangible and cannot be captured on film (most likely because we are hiding behind something to stay out of a photo or fixing something behind the scenes). But just because you can’t see us, doesn’t mean that you don’t need us. Actually, I would encourage you to plan your wedding in this order: Book your venue then hire your wedding coordinator.

Here’s why you need a wedding coordinator.

Peace of mind

There is nothing like turning off your phone, letting go of the details and have the ability to just be present on your special day. You have done so much planning up to that point and have met with all your vendors, a wedding coordinator can take it from there. Making sure all your plans and vision come to life.

Timeline Management

Your wedding day is planned out to the minute and you need someone able and trustworthy to keep everyone on track. You won’t be wearing a watch that day most likely and you shouldn’t have to. Your coordinator keeps track of your full timeline, checking in with you often to make sure you are good with the flow of things and letting you know what comes next. So drink your wine and enjoy your day!

Your Friends & Family will thank you.

More often than not, I have conversations with friends and family after a wedding has taken place who were assigned the role of “Wedding Coordinator” and hated it. They describe it as “stressful”, “difficult”, “chaos” and one girl said she was in tears by the end of the day. Don’t do this to your friends and family. Let them enjoy the day and have a professional take care of all those details. Let your friends be friends and your family be family.

Vendor Management

I have more vendors say “I need you!” after I tell them I am a wedding planner. Vendors like working with wedding planners because they know we are trustworthy and will take care of things. It also gives them a point person to speak with before and on the day of your wedding. Vendors and the Coordinating make a great team and if there is no coordinator, one of the vendors (usually the caterer or photographer) end up taking on that role which is stressful for them.

Detail Capturing and Organizing

There is nothing more detailed than a wedding, and the details can become scattered very quickly (now which baker offered me that discount??) Teaming up with a coordinator will help you capture tasks, organize information, and keep your wedding planning on track and organized, relieving stress on your part and enabling you to enjoy the planning process.

There are so many more reasons I can share but these are my top 5! You are going to spend so much time planning your wedding, why not have it be an enjoyable experience?! As a Wedding Coordinator, I am here to offer support and guidance along the way so you can be present on your big day, allowing you to actually sit down with your friends and family to eat that beautiful cake!

Still need to hire a coordinator? Check out my Packages, I have openings for this Fall!

Photo by Shelby Brakken www.shelbybrakken.com

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