Photo by Meredith Amadee

I have always loved weddings. I first looked into Wedding Coordinating back in 2009 after I planned my wedding. I enjoyed it so much and was extremely grateful for the coordinator our venue supplied for the day. I began by volunteering my time at a local coordinating business here in Portland and decided I didn’t want to spend every weekend of my summer at someone else’s party!

Seven years later I found myself being asked to help with a friend’s wedding and then others from my church. I did my first official wedding in 2017 and fell back in love with coordinating! I was asked again to coordinate the following summer, and then again, and so on and so forth. So here I am, planning weddings and thoroughly enjoying it. READ MORE…

Specializing in Day of & Month of Wedding Coordinating

Perfect for the couple who is comfortable planning their wedding and booking vendors.

I have suggestions and google docs for you to use!

Photo By Meredith Amadee

More financially doable with all the benefits of having extra support and giving you peace of mind on your big day!

I will chase down that vendor if I need to!

Having a reliable person on the day of your wedding to ensure your plans are executed with grace & professionalism from beginning to end.

You will not regret paying for this service!


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